February 28 – Saturday

Four Catharsis 16 zines complete and ready for market.


January 25, 2015 – Sunday – 12:15 AM

Well… did some website refreshing. The links aren’t as uniquely spelled and there is a new page dedicated to the short comics I’ve been creating lately. So go there to check out some new drawings mostly done in a small notebook I carry around. Below is a short, but longer than a single page, comic strip I drew about a recent airplane trip. Keep the fire burning folks.

201412XX.2014trip1 201412XX.2014trip2 201412XX.2014trip3 201412XX.2014trip4 201412XX.2014trip5

January 18, 2015 – Sunday

Ok, here is an update for the viewers and posterity? New zine is complete and it is titled Catharsis 16: Twenty-Fourteen. These three pictured below is currently available @ Tigers & Daggers Records in Merced, California. More copies have been created and will hopefully be available in Portland, OR soon anyway contact me if you would like a copy @ pegacron@gmail.com… 72 pages of entertaining catharsis. Suggested retail price of $6.00. D:

IMG_2410 - Copy

1IMG_2427 - Copy

2IMG_2430 - Copy

3IMG_2435 - Copy



New zine in progress compiling a selection of ink drawings from this year, 2014. It is almost completely in comic form and will be broken up into 3 parts. Currently in the editing stage hopefully to be completed by the end of the year. Stay tuned.

2014 Zine In Progress

For design, commission, and original art (prints in the future) purchase inquiries please email here -> pegacron@gmail.com